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Discover why we at Go GreenBOV are building #truefirst Connected, Efficient and Tech-laden Electric Two Wheelers.

About Us 

About Us
Our Story
Our Vision

GoGreenBOV (Battery Operated Vehicles ) started in the year 2009 and today not only it is a leader in the EV 2 Wheelers technology in India but also the only company with dedicated EV bikes for B2B service providers. Go GreenBoV has sold more than 13000 EV 2-Wheelers over the last 12 years focusing on Customer Satisfaction, Technology, Warranty Management and Complete Maintenance Support. As a team, we come together with more than 100 years of experience within just the core founding team.


Go GreenBOV became part of GoGreenEOT (Energy of Things) Pvt. Ltd. in 2016 and is revolutionizing the use of energy in mobility. In 2019, we launched the model SUNOTI (Lithium) for B2B customers and we are on our way to sell thousands of this model to the esteemed B2B companies and unicorn startups of India. 

At GoGreenBOV our vision is to completely upend the concept of mobility while transforming the way energy is used or seen in mobility. We envision ourselves as the first serious disruptor of mobility and promoters of the concept - "To move vehicles from Ownership to Usership" with innovative technology-led models. 


To back this vision we have built a deep understanding of technology, developed an exceptionally skilled team, and created business models that delight our users in addition to our products and services. We are confident that we at Go GreenBOV have the real vision for the future for Electric Vehicles in India and the team to deliver this vision.

GGBOV spent four years on deep research and innovations in the Li-Ion battery technology, and today we are the only company in the EV space to have filed for 22 Patents of new Innovations which include:

  • Multiple innovations for better performance batteries with 2X improvement in life of batteries compared to existing options in market

  • Safer vehicles with ZERO fire-related incidents

  • Numerous innovations for one of the best ranges available in EV bikes in the market

  • Best Battery chemistry for better battery life and better performance for Indian roads

  • Truly the best Battery Management systems (BMS) amongst all options in market

  • Best  Battery Thermal Management System

  • Best design to optimize range and comfort

  • Dashboards and App-enabled system to monitor and manage optimal battery performance and ride characteristics on your phone.

Our Team


Dhivik A -
CO-Founder & CEO

Mr. Ashok.png

Ashoka CS -
Non Executive Director

AK Shukla_edited.png

Prof AK Shukla -
Non Executive Technical Director

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Our Product









We use Li-Ion batteries in our EVs with two sizes of battery packs. The first one is 2.6 kWh battery pack and it gives a range of 70 kms. The second one is a larger 4.1 kWh battery pack that gives a range of minimum 120 kms on road. As of 2022, we provide the largest battery pack on any Electric two wheeler in India that too at the most affordable rate. Our actual charging time is also one of the lowest among EV two wheelers and it takes a max of 3 hours to completely charge our EVs. Our warranties on the vehicles are also the longest amongst all EV two wheelers in India.*


Only Indian company to offer a minimum actual on road vehicle range of 120 km per charge, making it the highest on road available range in the Indian EV two wheeler market.*



The only Indian Electric two wheeler to offer 5 years warranty on the battery pack.*

Our Product
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  • How is battery performance of your EV better than others ?
    Go GreenBOV bikes are born from years of R&D and are backed by 22 patents filed till date making our batteries the most suited for Indian climate and frequent start-stop driving conditions. Our batteries generate lesser heat and give higher performance due to unique batter technology that we have created in-house that are made in India for India.
  • Is the vehicle safe from fires?
    Yes, vehicle safety is critical to the company, and to date, zero fire accidents have been reported by users.
  • Is the battery swappable?
    No, the battery is completely built-in the vehicle and it cannot be swapped saving the users from the hassle of carrying or replacing the batteries and even fire related incidents.
  • Does the 5 years warranty offered covers the warranty on the battery too?
    Yes, the 5 years warranty covers the warranty on the whole EV including the battery.
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Tel. 7411-335-656
Tel. 9740-363-368

9, East End D Main Road,

Jayanagar 9th Block,
Bangalore - 560069

*Disclaimer: Terms and Conditions applied. All specifications/figures are indicative only and subject to requisite certification(s). • Battery replacement shall be applicable during RC validity, subject to payment of applicable subscription charges. Degradation/performance of the battery shall be determined solely by GoGreen BOV • Switching between different performance levels is subject to applicable conditions. • GoGreenBOV may form partnerships or alliances with third parties from time to time in order to facilitate the provision of its products and services. • Specifications, pricing and product availability are subject to change without notice. Images shown on the website are for representation purposes only. Please follow applicable laws while using the vehicle. • All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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